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Welcome to Shepherd’s Moon. This gallery is a home to hand spun wool and hand crafted items. Keep an eye on this space because the items will be updated from time to time. We offer spinning, weaving, knitting, books and notions. Although based in the United Kingdom, we will ship internationally.

I do my spinning on two different spinning wheels. My main spinning wheel is a Majacraft Rose. I take my Majacraft Little Gem with me to shows and exhibitions.

LoomThe loom that I use at home is a loom that was built by my Grandfather, Harold Misegades, for my Grandmother Rachel back in the 1950s. Harold built the loom out of beech wood rafters from his friend’s barn. The barn had been built in 1890. All of my memories of visiting Grandma and Grandpa were with the loom in their living room and Grandpa with the smell of wood shavings in his overalls from his woodworking shop. He always had a project on. Working on the loom is like visiting the pair of them again.

I hope that you enjoy the gallery and visit us often!

Thank you for your time.
Ellen Roberts

mobile number: +44 (0)7523 856899

or email me using the following form:


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